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Maître de conférence

Institut Pprime
CNRS-Université de Poitiers-ISAE ENSMA
11 Boulevard Marie et Pierre Curie
Téléport 2, BP 30179
86962 Futuroscope Cédex


Cedric MASTAIL is Associate Professor at the University of Poitiers and Pprime Institute, Materials Physics and Mechanics Department (DPMM), and a member of the “PPNa” group (Nanostructures Physics and Properties).He obtained his PhD in  « Physique des matériaux » at the Université Paul Sabatier (UPS) in 2009.

Within the “PPNa” group, he joined the research topic “Dynamics of thin films growth”, which aims at gaining a better understanding of the early stages of nucleation and growth in thin films deposited under energetic conditions.
Using multi-scale approaches coupling DFT/MD/kMC methodologies
, he investigates the links and interdependencies between properties and nanostructures of deposited thin films, their growth mechanisms and the experimental growth process used.


Multi-scale strategy of PVD nitride thin film growth

Multi-scale study of initial stages of coper thin film growth

Energy landscape of nitride (001) surface



Responsable pédagogique des mentions de Physique et Physique-Chimie rattaché à la seconde année de licence de physique

Sélection de publications

R. MAREUS, C. MASTAIL, F. NITA, A. MICHEL, G. ABADIAS, Effect of temperature on the growth of TiN thin films by oblique angle sputter-deposition: A three-dimensional atomistic computational study, Computational Materials Science 197 (2021) 110662.

R. MAREUS, C. MASTAIL, F. ANĞAY, N. BRUNETIÈRE, G. ABADIAS., “Study of columnar growth, texture development and wettability of reactively sputter-deposited TiN, ZrN and HfN thin films at glancing angle incidence”, Surf Coat Tech 399 (2020) 126130.

 G. ABADIAS, F. ANĞAY, R. MAREUS, C. MASTAIL., “Texture and Stress Evolution in HfN Films Sputter-Deposited at Oblique Angles”, Coating 9 (2019) 712.

B. BOUAOUINA, C. MASTAIL, A. BESNARD, R. MAREUS, F. NITA, A. MICHEL, G. ABADIAS., “Nanocolumnar TiN thin film growth by oblique angle sputter-deposition: Experiments vs. simulations”, Mat & Des 160 (2018) 338-349.

C. FURGEAUD, L. SIMONOT, A. MICHEL, C. MASTAIL, G .ABADIAS., “Impact of Ge alloying on the early growth stages, microstructure and stress evolution of sputter-deposited Cu-Ge thin films”, Acta Mat 159 ( 2018) 286-295.

C. MASTAIL, M. DAVID, F. NITA, A. MICHEL, G. ABADIAS.,” Adsorption and Diffusion Pathways of Ti, Al and N atoms on AlN (001) and (011) surfaces: Ab Initio Calculations”, App. Surf. Sci. 423(2017)354-364.