12 Months

Expert in Scientific Computation

The postdoctoral intership is funded by the action 2 «Dynamique descontaminants» in the axis 3 «Chimie verte et préservation des ressources (eau,sol, biodiversité, carbone renouvelable)» of the ECONAT programme «gestiondurable des ECOsystèmes et des ressources NATurelles» (CPER 2015 – 2020). Oneobjective of the action 2 is to study the transport behavior of contaminants infractured limestone structures of the catchment area of Charente. In this action 2,we propose to develop numerical models, based on the Monte Carlo approach, forestimating the maximum dilution index Emax in heterogeneous porous andfractured media
Anthony BEAUDOIN - Contacter
Institut PPRIME -(UPR 3346 CNRS –ISAE-ENSMA –Université de Poitiers), Poitiers, France

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36 month

Fluid mechanics phD position at HydEE team

Development of a numerical model to evaluate scenarios for modifying the hydraulic structures in order to restore the good ecological status of water bodies of the river Le Clain in the territory of the urban communauty Grand Poitiers.