Fluids, Thermal and Combustion

The "FTC" department develops research activities of a fundamental nature in the field of fluids and energetics. Its purpose is to allow upstream subjects to be tackled in an original and innovative way in response to the problems encountered in the aeronautics and space, land transport, energy and environment fields. The main themes addressed relate in particular to passenger safety, respect for the environment by optimizing performance and reducing polluting emissions and noise pollution in transport.

Mechanical Engineering and Complex Systems

The Mechanical Engineering and Complex Systems department (GMSC) is structured around three axes of research in mechanical engineering (PEM, RoBioSS and TriboLub) where the culture of coupling between experimentation and modeling is predominant. This approach stimulates the transversality between the axes and promotes the coherence of research activities.

Physics and Mechanics of Materials

Research concerns the properties of materials at different scales, from nanoscopic (atomic structure) to macroscopic (structural components).