VALAT Pascale

Maître de conférences

CNRS-Université de Poitiers-ISAE ENSMA
11 Boulevard Marie et Pierre Curie
Téléport 2, BP 30179
86962 Futuroscope Cédex


  • Born in 1975, married, three children

Maiden name: VILLAIN

  • 1998 : “Agrégation de Sciences Physiques”, Physics speciality

  • 2002: PhD in Materials Science, University of Poitiers

  • 2004: “Maître de conférences” (lecturer), University of Poitiers


Simulated sample of polycystalline tungsten with an average grain diameter of 7 nm.

  • Analysis of elastic constants in metallic thin films and multilayers combining in situ tensile testing and x-ray diffraction

  • Atomistic simulation study of elastic constants in nanocrystalline bulk metals and thin films

  • Keywords:

    • Elastic properties

    • Size effects

    • Metallic thin films, multilayers, small structures

    • Atomistic calculations (molecular statics and dynamics with semi-empirical potentials)


  • General physics

  • Materials science

  • In charge of the “Génie des matériaux” licence speciality.


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