Associate Professor / (Maître de conférences)

CNRS-Université de Poitiers-ISAE ENSMA
11 Boulevard Marie et Pierre Curie
Téléport 2, BP 30179
86962 Futuroscope Cédex

Office : 1/E67


Current research interests (Institute P’):

Electronic properties of nanolaminated ceramics (MAX phases) and related 2D materials (MXenes)

Key words :

– Density Functional Theory

– Electron Energy-Loss Spectroscopy (low-loss and core-loss)

– Dielectric properties

– Transmission Electron Microscopy

– Transport properties

– X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy


Teaching (Department of Physics, University of Poitiers) :

– Density Functional Theory

– Atomic physics

– Electron Energy-Loss Spectroscopy

– Electronic properties of Solids

– Optics

– …

Also teaching at the department of chemistry and Haïti State University.

Selected publications

As of 11/2017

– 35 publications in international peer reviewed journals

– 7 invited talks at national/international conferences

– 2 lectures in International Workphops (ESPA 2011&2015)

PhD students :

– T. Bilyk (2017-2020) : « Crystallography/electronic properties relationship in 2D titanum carbide sheets »

-D. Magne (2013-2016) : « Synthesis and electronic structure of MAX phases and MXenes »

– M. Bugnet (2008-2011) : « Synthesis, electronic structure and behavior under ion irradiation of MAX phases thin films » – Favard prize from the French Microscopy Society.

Selected publications :

A new etching environment (FeF3/HCl) for the synthesis of two-dimensional titanium carbide MXenes: a route towards selective reactivity vs. water

Journal of Materials Chemistry A5, 22012 (2017)

X. Wang, C. Garnero, G. Rochard, D. Magne, S. Morisset, S. Hurand, P. Chartier, J. Rousseau, T. Cabioc’h, C. Coutanceau, V. Mauchamp and S. Célérier

Site-projected electronic structure of two-dimensional Ti3C2 MXene : the role of the surface functionalization groups

Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 18, 30946 (2016)

D Magné, V. Mauchamp, S. Célérier, P. Chartier, and T. Cabioc’h

Interplay between nanolaminated structure and electron-phonon coupling in Ti-based MAX phases

Physical Review B 94, 205131 (2016)

A. Nassour, V. Mauchamp and S. Dubois

Spectroscopic evidence in the visible-ultraviolet energy range of surface functionalization sites in the multilayer Ti3C2 MXene

Physical Review B 90, 201409 (R) (2015)

D. Magné, V. Mauchamp, S. Célérier, P. Chartier and T. Cabioch’

Enhanced and tunable surface plasmons in two-dimensional Ti3C2 stacks : Electronic structure versus boundary effects

Physical Review B 89, 235428 (2014)

V. Mauchamp, M. Bugnet, E.P. Bellido, G.A. Botton, P. Moreau, D. Magné, M. Naguib, T. Cabioc’h and M.W. Barsoum

Contribution of core-loss fine structures to the characterization of ion irradiation damages in the nanolaminated ceramic Ti3AlC2

Acta Materialia 61, 7348 (2013)

M. Bugnet, V. Mauchamp, P. Eklund, M. Jaouen and T. Cabioc’h

Core-hole effect in the one-particle approximation revisited from density functional theory

Physical Review B 79, 235106 (2009)

V. Mauchamp, M. Jaouen and P. Schattschneider