The Pprime Institute was created on January 1, 2010.

The founding members are Jean-Paul Bonnet (DR, CNRS) and José Mendez (DR, CNRS)

It results from the merger of six laboratories for Engineering Sciences and Physics, all recognized CNRS, University of Poitiers and / or ENSMA ...

These laboratories had a 60-year-old local history. Recognition by CNRS had been effective for more than 40 years.

In 2004, the laboratories grouped together in the ‘PPRIME’ federation, recognized by the University of Poitiers, ENSMA and CNRS for 6 years before the creation of P’ Institute.


During 2010 and 2011, the outlines of former laboratories ended up in the branches of the Institute. The Unit was scientifically structured in three research departments:

  •  Department of Physics and Materials Mechanics (DPMM, D1)
  • Department of Thermic Fluids and Combustion (DFTC, D2)
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering and Complex Systems (DGMSC, D3)



These three departments have been built by considering the disciplinary fields of research led by the Institute. Within the departments, several scientific areas has been grouped to highlight Pprime’s strong competences, recognized as such on the national and international level. On this occasion, a certain amount of “internal mobilities” for researchers (attachment to the Department of Physics and Mechanics of Material of CNRS searchers working on solids shocks/crashes/collisions) or of putting team together (Robotic and Sportive Gesture, new areas of Thermal, Aerodynamic, Turbulence, Acoustic and flows control) have been carried out.


Pprime Institute has been created on January 1st, 2010 by Jean-Paul BONNET (DR, CNRS) and José MENDEZ (DR, CNRS).

It is the result of the combination of six laboratories ofEngineering Sciences and Physics, recognized by CNRS, the University of Poitiers and/or ENSMA:

  • Laboratory of Detonique and Combustion (LCD, UPR 9028),
  • Laboratory of Aerodynamic Studies (LEA, UMR 6609)
  • Laboratory of Thermal Studies (LET, UMR 6608)
  • Laboratory of Materials Physics (PHYMAT, UMR 6630)
  • Laboratory of Mechanics and Materials Physics (LMPM, UMR 6617)
  • Laboratory of Solid Mechanics (LMS, UMR 6610)


The team that helped the founding members are the Laboratories Directors, which are:

Marc Bellenoue (LCD)

Yves Gervais (LEA)

Denis Lemonnier (LET)

Rolly Gaboriaud (PHYMAT)

Marie-Christine Lafarie Frenot (LMPM)

Olivier Bonneau (LMS)


And Departments Coordinators

DPMM : Jean-François Barbot et Jean-Claude Grandidier

DFTC : Jacques Borée

DGSMC : Pierre Lacouture puis Michel Fillon


It should be pointed that during this construction period, the CEAT (Centre d’Etudes Aérodynamiques et Thermiques), once a University of Poitiers component, is now under ENSIP’s supervision and its personnel is attached to Pprime. PROMETEE platform creation on the site of Futuroscope has been represented and has been the first…