GOUDEAU Philippe

CNRS Research Director

CNRS-Université de Poitiers-ISAE ENSMA

Bât. SP2MI-H1
11 Bvd M. & P. Curie
86360 Chasseneuil du Poitou



Selected publications

Sélection de 5 articles récents (2009-2013) :

  • “In situ diffraction strain analysis of elastically deformed polycrystalline thin lms, and micromechanical interpretation », FAURIE D., CASTELNAU O., BRENNER R., RENAULT P.-O., LE BOURHIS E., GOUDEAU PH., JOURNAL OF APPLIED CRYSTALLOGRAPHY 42 (2009) 1073-1084 IF 3.343


  • “Elastic-strain distribution in metallic film-polymer substrate composites”, GEANDIER G., RENAULT P.-O., LE BOURHIS E., GOUDEAU PH., FAURIE D., LE BOURLOT C., DJEMIA PH., CASTELNAU O., CHERIF S. M., APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS 96, 041905 (2010). IF 3.794


  • Microstructure and elastic properties of atomic layer deposited TiO2 anatase thin films”, BONTEMPI E., BORGESE L., GELFI M., ZUCCA M., DEPERO L.E., GOUDEAU P., GEANDIER G., THIAUDIERE D., ACTA MATERIALA 59 (2011) 2891-2900. IF 3.941


  • Strains in light-ion-implanted polycrystals: influence of grain orientation”, RICHARD A., PALANCHER H., CASTELIER E., MICHA J.-S., GAMALERI M., CARLOT G., ROUQUETTE H., GOUDEAU P., MARTIN G., RIEUTORD F., PIRON J. P., GARCIA P., JOURNAL OF APPLIED CRYSTALLOGRAPHY (2012). 45, 826–833. IF 3.343

  • Yield surface of polycrystalline thin films as revealed by non equi-biaxial loadings at small deformation”, DJAZIRI S., FAURIE D., RENAULT P.-O., LE BOURHIS E., GOUDEAU PH., GEANDIER G., THIAUDIÈRE D., ACTA MATERIALIA 61 (2013) 5067–5077. IF 3.941