Assistant professor

Phone: 06 60 76 86 91


My research activities focus on the optical properties and appearance of materials at different scales.

Assistant director of  GDR CNRS 2044 APPAMAT.

Co-direction of the collective book Quand la matière diffuse la lumière, Les Presses des Mines, 2019, 479 pp.


Teaching in lighting at ENSI Poitiers.

Contributor of Light ZOOM Lumière website dedicated to lighting.

Interventions in the training in lighting design for theater at ENSATT.

Lighting and Photometry

  • Simonot, De la lampe à l’huile aux LED : histoire physico-chimique de l’éclairage artificiel, in Chimie et lumière, EDP Sciences, 2021, 81-97.
  • Simonot, J.C. Espardeilla, Appliquer les lois de l’optique géométrique avec les projecteurs d’éclairage scénique, Le BUP (Bull. Un. Prof. Phys. Chim.) 1030 (2021) 43-64.
  • Simonot, Premières mesures photométriques : de Léonard de Vinci à Pierre Bouguer, Photoniques 105 (2020) 25-27.

Selected publications

Growth and Optical Properties of Nanostructured Films

  • L. Simonot, F. Chabanais, S. Rousselet, F. Pailloux, S. Camelio, D. Babonneau, Evolution of plasmonic nanostructures under ultra-low-energy bombardment, Appl. Surf. Sci. 544 (2021) 148672.
  • D. Babonneau, D.K. Diop, L. Simonot, B. Lamongie, N. Blanc, N. Boudet, F. Vocanson, N. Destouches, Real-time investigations of structural and optical changes in photochromic Ag/TiO2 nanocomposite thin films under laser irradiation, Nano Futures 2 (2018) 015002 1-12. Highlighted article:
  • D. K. Diop, L. Simonot, N. Destouches, G. Abadias, F. Pailloux, P. Guérin, D. Babonneau, Magnetron sputtering deposition of Ag/TiO2 nanocomposite thin films for repeatable and multicolor photochromic applications on flexible substrates, Adv. Mater. Interfaces 2 (2015) 1500134 1-9.

Measuring and Modeling BRDF

  • T. Labardens, P. Chavel, M. Hébert, L. Simonot, A-M. Rabal-Almazor, Y. Sortais, G. Obein, Study and simulations of speckle effects on BRDF measurements at very high resolution, IS&T Electronic Imaging Symposium, Material Appearance, Online 18-28 January 2021, 6pp.
  • L. Simonot, G. Obein, B. Bringier, D. Meneveaux, Modeling, measuring, and using BRDFs: significant French contributions, JOSA A 36 (2019) C40-50.
  • D. Saint-Pierre, P. Chavel, L. Simonot, M. Hébert, Angular reflectance model for ridged specular surfaces, with comprehensive calculation of inter-reflections and polarization, JOSA A 36 (2019) C51-61.
  • M. Ribardière, B. Bringier, L. Simonot, D. Meneveaux, Microfacet BSDFs generated from NDFs and explicit microgeometry, ACM Transaction on Graphics 38 (2019) n°143.
  • D. Meneveaux, B. Bringier, E. Tauzia, M. Ribardière, L. Simonot, Rendering rough opaque materials with interfaced Lambertian microfacets, IEEE Trans. Vis. Comput. Graphics. 24 (2017) 1368-1380.
  • M. Ribardière, B. Bringier, D. Meneveaux, L. Simonot, STD: Student’s-t distribution of slopes for microfacet based BSDFs, Eurographics, Lyon (France) 24-26 April 2017, Computer Graphics Forum 36 (2017) 421-429.

Measuring and Modeling Translucency

  • A. Ferrero, J. R. Frisvad, L. Simonot, P. Santafé, A. Schirmacher, J. Campos, M. Hebert, Fundamental scattering quantities for the determination of reflectance and transmittance, Optics Express 29 (2021) 219-231.
  • L. Gevaux, L. Simonot, R. Clerc, M. Gérardin, M. Hébert, Evaluating edge-loss in the reflectance measurement of translucent materials, Appl. Opt. 28 (2020) 8939-8950.
  • M. Gérardin, L. Simonot, J.-P. Farrugia, J.-C. Iehl, T. Fournel, M. Hébert, A translucency classification for computer graphics, IS&T Electronic Imaging Symposium, Material Appearance, Burlingame (USA) 13-17 January 2019, 6pp.
  • L. Simonot, M. Hébert, M. Gérardin, C. Montpeurt, T. Fournel, Halo and sub-surface scattering in the transparent coating on top of a diffusing material, JOSA A 35 (2018) 1192-1203. OSA editor’s pick.

Radiative Transfert

  • Simonot, M. Hébert, S. Mazauric, R.D. Hersch, Assessing the proper color of translucent materials by an extended two-flux model from measurements based on an integrating sphere, Proc. of IS&T Electronic Imaging Symposium, Material appearance, Burlingame (USA) 29 January – 2 February 2017, 9pp.
  • L. Simonot, R.D. Hersch, M. Hébert, S. Mazauric, Multilayer four-flux matrix model accounting for directional-diffuse light transfers, Appl. Opt. 55 (2016) 27-37. Highlighted article from OSA journals:
  • S. Mazauric, L. Simonot, M. Hébert, Two-flux transfer matrix model for predicting the reflectance and transmittance of duplex halftone prints, JOSA A 31 (2014) 2775-2788.
  • L. Simonot, M. Thoury, J. Delaney, Extension of the Kubelka-Munk theory for luminescent turbid media to a non-opaque layer on a background, JOSA A 28 (2011) 1349-1357.

Multispectral Image Processing

  • P. Cotte, L. Simonot, Mona Lisa’s spolvero revealed, Journal of Cultural Heritage 45 (2020) 1-9. Editors choice:
  • G. Trumpy, D. Conover, L. Simonot, M. Thoury, M. Picollo, J.K. Delaney, Experimental study on merits of virtual cleaning of paintings with aged varnish, Opt. Express 23 (2015) 33836-33848.
  • L. Simonot, M. Hébert, Between additive and subtractive color mixings: intermediate mixing models, JOSA A 31 (2014) 58-66. Selected by the editors for publication in the Virtual Journal for Biomedical Optics 9 (2014).