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Hello and Welcome to my Web Page.

I am a Physicist with a strong interest in interdisciplinary studies. I am fond of physical analogies à la Clerk-Maxwell.

My main research topics are Physical Hydrodynamics, Relativities (Special and General), Classical Electromagnetism, Granular Physics and Non-Linear Physics.

I have a permanent position as a research scientist in CNRS.

Some examples of my work on Analogue Gravity can be accessed in this recent Audio and this old Video. See also :


Le rayonnement de Hawking des trous noirs simulé en …Le rayonnement de Hawking des trous noirs simulé - Personal Web Page Germain Rousseaux

Pour la Science20 sept. 2016
Jeff Steinhauer, du Technion en Israël, et une équipe franco-britannique codirigée par Germain Rousseaux, de l’Institut Pprime à Poitiers, …
HARALAB  Hawking radiation at the Laboratory

Selected publications

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Johan Fourdrinoy, Clément Caplier, Yann Devaux, Germain Rousseaux, Julien Dambrine, Morgan Pierre, Madalina Petcu, Areti Giani, Ierotheos Zacharias, Isabelle Jouteur and Paul Martin. Mashcon V : 5th International Conference on Ship Manoeuvring in Shallow and Confined Water, Ostend, Belgium. 19 – 23 May 2019.

Adrien Berchet, Bruno Simon, Anthony Beaudoin, Pierre Lubin, Germain Rousseaux and Serge Huberson. International Journal of Sediment Research, Volume 33, Issue 3, p. 351-370, September 2018.

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