Maître de Conférences

CNRS-Université de Poitiers-ISAE ENSMA

Téléport 2 – 1 avenue Clément Ader

BP 40109 – 86961 Futuroscope Chasseneuil Cedex


My research work is primarily focused on  :

  • Construction of a virtual numerical material, « morphologically equivalent » to the real materials studied. The statistical data required for this purpose will be provided by prior morphological characterization of the actual material from morphological analysis of appropriate tools. This morphological analysis will also choose a Representative Elementary Volume (REV).


  • A non-local modeling to better understand and / or reproduce the effects of microstructure gradients (that is to say related to the random distribution of defects, the existence of clusters, etc ….) on the material strength or behavior at large. For this we built a gradient model  with transition Scale (variational method, Asymptotics).
  • Les méthodes de transition d’échelle plus particulierement les méthodes variationnelles et Asymptotiques.


Department AMI (Automatic Computing and Mathematics).

Responsible for Scientific Computing module and teacher to the following course:

  • Mathematics for mechanics.
  • Optimisation.


Activités administratives

Member of CES (Commission des Experts Scientifiques) de l’ENSMA – section 60 CNU