CNRS Senior Researcher (DR)

CNRS-Université de Poitiers-ISAE ENSMA

Téléport 2 – 1 avenue Clément Ader

BP 40109 – 86961 Futuroscope Chasseneuil Cedex


Damage and deformation mechanisms in polymer composites

  • Mechanical behaviour of composite materials, under different types of loading (fatigue or quasi-static loadings, impact tests…).
  • Multi-instrumented experiments, with digital image correlation measurements, thermal field recording, in situ damage observations, acoustic emission analysis.
  • Experimental and numerical characterisation of fibre/matrix interface behaviour.
  • Multi-scale analysis of different types of composite materials : thermoset or thermoplastic matrix, reinforced with short fibres, with non-woven fibres (mat), or with long fibres (unidirectional ply or woven fabric).
  • Study of “green” materials : recycled or bio-sourced polymers, plant fibres (hemp, flax, wood…), hybrid composites (flax-carbon…).
  • Influence of ageing (thermal, moisture…).

  • MATEIS Lyon, LRMP St Etienne, PIMM-ENSAM Paris, ENSAIT-Roubaix, ESTACA-Laval, IMFS-Strasbourg, FEMTO-Besançon.
  • IMP (Poland) / IPCB (Italy) / Tianjin Univ. (China) / La Sapienza Univ. (Italy) / Fraunhofer (Germany) / AIRBUS (Germany)
  • Faurecia / Airbus Group Innovations / Air Liquide / CEA / ONERA / Renault / Hutchinson / Valagro






  • Member of the Editorial Board of Matériaux & Techniques Journal (
  • Member of the Board of AMAC (Association pour les Matériaux Composites) ( 2008-2018.
  • Reviewing activities for International Journals, ANR projects, AERES, thesis examination committees…









J. BRILLAUD (50%), F. LAGATTU (50%),

“Dispositif optique pour mesurer des variations dans le relief d’un objet par corrélation d’images.”

Brevet français n°02 08969, déposé en 2002 et accepté en 2004, aux noms de l’ENSMA et du CNRS (date de mise à disposition du public du brevet d’invention : 22/10/04, bulletin 04/43)(;jsessionid=26E89F978C7690B6AD971BDA069CE96C?number=FR0208969&tab=main).


  • Properties of composite components : polymers and fibres.
  • Elaboration processes of composite materials.
  • Thermo-mechanical constitutive laws of composite materials.
  • Damage and techniques for damage detection in composite materials.
  • Applications, benefits and drawbacks of composite materials.