Toolchain from the creation of the mesh to the CFD simulations

This work will take place within two research teams of the Institute Pprime, HydEE of the FTC department and TriboLub of the GMSC department.The trainee sought is a student in the final year of an engineering school or Master 2, with good fluid mechanicsskills and a strong taste for Digital image processing and CFD simulations.The student will be rewarded according to the legal provisions throughout the duration of his internship.If the student gives full satisfaction, he will be recruited for a thesis, funded by the SOFITT project...
Anthony Beaudoin - Contacter
Institut PPRIME -(UPR 3346 CNRS –ISAE-ENSMA –Université de Poitiers), Poitiers, France

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CNRS 2020 research competition. Project on aspects covering "analysis, modeling and development of control strategies for turbulent flows and heat and mass transfers" (application to section 10)

Section 10: Fluid and reactive media : transport, transfer and transformation processes-Project on aspects coveringanalysis, modeling and development of control strategiesfor turbulent flowsand heatand mass transfers•«Model-based» or «Machine Learning» control strategies•Data assimilation techniques•Couplingof scientificcomputation/experimentation