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Study of the mechanical properties of porous complex structures (combination of a solid deformable structure with a high porosity, soaked with fluid) by optical full-field methods

The performance of many industrial applications is largely based on the quality and reliability of the guidance and support systems (high rotational speeds, low friction torque, damping capability, etc.). This PhD work is a part of an ANR (French National Research Agency) project entitled SOFITT (Saturated Openpore Foams for Innovative Tribology in Turbomachinery). The aim of this project is to find innovative technical solutions that break with current practices and provide high-performance support systems in terms of load capacity and damping. The project proposes a new concept of lubrication and correspondingly a new material (understood as a complex/composite material formed by the solid porous structure –compressible porous layers- and the imbibing fluid) in order to improve the quality and reliability of guidance and supporting systems. The goal of this PhD work is to study, to understand and to quantify the mechanical behavior of porous complex imbibed structures linked with their microstructure and properties of fluid by using adapted loading devices, non-contact optical full-field techniques and identification methods.
Pascal Doumalin - Contacter
Institut Pprime, SP2MI-H1, 11 Boulevard Marie et Pierre Curie, 86360 Chasseneuil du Poitou

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