36 mois (36 months)

Sujet de thèse : PolyAmide resistance to damage cumulation from high-pressure hydrogen cycling and fatigue loading

This PhD project, mainly experimental, focuses on PA11, a semi-crystalline thermoplastic used for the hoses of hydrogen refueling stations. The aim is to better understand the cross-dependence of two co-existing sources of damage (mechanical fatigue and repeated fast decompressions after exposure to high-pressure hydrogen) on micro-mechanisms and on their consequences on the residual mechanical properties and permeability. The PhD is part of an ANR (French National Research Agency) project. It will be prepared at Institut Pprime (Poitiers, France), in close collaboration with Hydrogenius laboratory (University of Kyushu, Japan), and will benefit from the feedback of Arkema (France and Japan) about industrial service conditions and specifications.
Sylvie CASTAGNET - Contacter
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