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Multi-scale computational study of the dependence between thin film properties and deposition parameters during energetic sputter deposition process

The aim of this Ph.D. thesis is to gain understanding on the influence of the deposition parameters on the initial thin film growth stages via a multi-scale approach based on kinetic Monte Carlo (kMC) algoithm. To simulate the growth under energetic conditions, relevant elementary mechanisms will be determined using DFT (VASP) and/or MD (LAMMPS) simulations and incorporated into a developed realistic-growth-conditions kMC code. To complete this multiscale methodology, the outcome of the code will be benchmarked against dedicated experimental studies thanks to in situ and real-time diagnostics available in the laboratory, to which the candidate could actively participate.












Cédric MASTAIL - Contacter
Département de Physique et Mécanique des Matériaux de l’Institut Pprime
CNRS • Université de Poitiers • ENSMA • UPR 3346
SP2MI • Téléport 2
Boulevard Marie et Pierre Curie • BP 30179

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