5 months

Molecular dynamics study of the initial stages of thin film growth under energetic conditions

Nanoscale metallic thin films have been used for many decades for various technological applications, including microelectronics, optoelectronics or functional overlayers to modify/improve the properties of structural materials, as well as their reliability. Over the years, many studies have demonstrated a complex dependence of film microstructure and resulting properties on the deposition conditions (i.e. kinetic energy of deposited particles, nature and temperature of substrate) and on their characteristics (surface mobility, chemical reactivity)...
MASTAIL Cédric - Contacter
Institut PPRIME -(UPR 3346 CNRS –ISAE-ENSMA –Université de Poitiers), ISAE-ENSMA, Poitiers, France

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CNRS 2020 research competition. Project on aspects covering "analysis, modeling and development of control strategies for turbulent flows and heat and mass transfers" (application to section 10)

Section 10: Fluid and reactive media : transport, transfer and transformation processes-Project on aspects coveringanalysis, modeling and development of control strategiesfor turbulent flowsand heatand mass transfers•«Model-based» or «Machine Learning» control strategies•Data assimilation techniques•Couplingof scientificcomputation/experimentation