Séminaire D2 : A universal mechanism for rapid particle accumulation in fluids

Francesco Romano, Postdoctoral Fellow, Insti. Fluid Mech. Heat Trasfer, TU Wien
Lieu Evenemement: 
Salle 175/177 (Bâtiment H2 SP2MI au Futuroscope)
Vendredi, 24 Novembre, 2017 - 14:00


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After graduating  in Aerospace Engineering from University of Pisa, Francesco Romanò enrolled as PhD candidate at TU Wien, joining the group of Prof. H. Kuhlmann. During his PhD he focused on laminar particle-laden flows in closed cavity systems, investigating particle-boundary interactions by means of fully resolved numerical simulations. After deriving a minimal model for dealing with lubrication forces which repel the particles when they move close to walls and/or free-surfaces, his research mainly focused in the prediction of finite-size Lagrangian coherent structures in steady, three-dimensional micro- and millimetric systems, for which particle accumulation has been recently observed. In September 2016, he successfully defended his PhD and he is currently extending his research fellowship at TU Wien, in the framework of an ESA project for the design of the JEREMI experiment, which is planned for launch on the ISS in 2019. Besides of that, he serves as reviewer in several international journals, was part of the organizing committee of IMA7, is part of the organizing committee of EFMC12 and of the scientific committee of CMFF18.


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