Séminaire D2 : Resonance mechanisms in shock-containing flows

Daniel Edgington-Mitchell, Senior Lecturer, Monash University
Lieu Evenemement: 
SP2MI, bâtiment H2, salle 175/177
Mardi, 11 Décembre, 2018 - 14:00

Abstract: Supersonic jets, particularly shock-containing jets, often exhibit high-intensity, discrete-frequency acoustic tones. These tones are the signature of an aeroacousticresonance loop established by the flow. This resonance loop can typically be broken into four discrete stages: a downstream-propagating hydrodynamic wave, a tone-generation mechanism, an upstream-propagating  acoustic wave, and a receptivity process by which the upstream wave is internalized into the near-nozzle shear layer. This talk will look at aeroacoustic resonance in a number of complex geometries, including twin-jet configurations, jet impingement, and non-circular nozzles. A range of experimental techniques are employed to educe the physical mechanisms underlying the four processes of resonance, with a particular emphasis on shock-vortex interaction.

Bio: Dr. Daniel Edgington-Mitchell is a Senior Lecturer in the Laboratory for Turbulence Research in Aerospace and Combustion at Monash University. His principle research interest is in resonance within shock-containing flows; he also conducts work in multiphase fluid mechanics. As well as work within his own laboratory, Daniel collaborates closely with researchers at Institut PPrime in Poitiers, and the Technical University of Berlin.


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