11th EDF - Pprime workshop

Behaviour of dynamic seals in unexpected operating conditions

Futuroscope, September 27, 2012

Amphitheater, CNAM - IFMI building
Rue Gustave Eiffel - Futuroscope Chasseneuil


Main topics

  • Liquid and gas seals operating out of their design range in pressure, temperature, speed, …
  • Seals operating in degraded conditions: worn surfaces, dry lubrication, …
  • Two phase fluids, contaminated fluids and mixtures, fluids with particles.
  • Brush seals, finger seals, mechanical face seals, annular and labyrinth seals, lip seals, hydraulic seals.
  • Modelling and experiments of EHD and Mixed Lubrication, Thermal Effects, friction and wear.
  • Failure analysisand Industrial feedback.


Web site : http://edf-pprime.sciencesconf.org


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