Forum FVR 2011

The Institut Pprime (CNRSUniversité de PoitiersENSMA)

Organizes a Forum entirely dedicated to volume reconstruction applied to fluid and solid studies and associated analysis methods entitled.

Forum on recent developments in Volume Reconstruction techniques applied to 3D fluid and solid mechanics 2011 [FVR 2011].

FVR 2011 will be held from  November 29th to December First, 2011 in  the CNAM-IFMI lecture hall (rue Gustave Eiffel Futuroscope Chasseneuil, France).

FVR  focuses on  all aspects of 3D experimental measurement and  are devoted to advanced developments in volume reconstruction and volume analysis including: structure, density, displacement, velocity and interface studies. This forum gives researchers an opportunity to interact on different fields of interest  (fluids and solids, heterogeneous materials, aerodynamics, hydrodynamics, technical developments,...)

Laurent David | Jean-Christophe Dupré

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